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How is the Saint Jude Program different from Treatment?

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For more than two decades, St. Jude’s has been the only program to smash the rigid treatment mold and provide a real solution to 'addiction' and other behavioral problems and the myriad of emotional problems that can accompany them.

  • The Original Non 12 Step Program
  • The ONLY Non-Treatment Approach to 'Addiction'
  • The ONLY Effective Program - Independently Verified

St. Jude’s does not teach substance users that they have an imaginary disease that renders them powerless over substances; thus powerless to change their thoughts, behaviors and lives. While the majority of medical professionals know the addiction disease theory to be false, most people do not know that the disease theory is not supported by science. This erroneous theory hurts all those who participate in treatment programs, addiction therapy and counseling, and the various 12-step self-help programs that have spread worldwide. The notion of disease and powerlessness is pervasive in our culture and has created an epidemic of powerlessness.


For people to effect a lasting change in their lives, whether it is a change in their mood, attitude or their behaviors, they must first believe they can change. The St. Jude Process first educates people regarding the truth about the alcohol and drug problem; that it is not the result of a disease, but instead a choice. People continue drinking and drugging because they want to and still see the value in it. Drinking and ingesting drugs always requires conscious thought, planning and action. At any point all substance users can choose to stop, and the truth is all people who truly want to stop, do just that.

To put it simply, St. Jude’s does not provide any excuses for failure. Where 12 step programs, religiously based programs, rehab and treatment programs, counselors and therapists use fear and guilt as primary motivators for change, St. Jude’s uses education, and the Freedom Model which allows each individual to make their own choice as to how they live their life.  St. Jude’s helps you get back in the driver’s seat.  At St. Jude’s you are guided through a process designed to help you gain total control over your life; and build the life you truly want.