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Luxury Services at our Alternative Drug Treatment Retreat

Executive Retreat Amenities

Saint Jude Executive Retreat - Car Service

An unmarked vehicle will be available 24 hours a day

A luxury and unmarked vehicle with staff driver will be available to all guests from the moment you arrive at the airport until the moment you complete the program. All trips to social activities, social events and private appointments while at the Executive Retreat will undergo strict measures to ensure your absolute privacy (privacy policy).

If you are arriving at the nearest airport, rather than driving into the facility yourself, the Director of the house will personalize an arrival plan to ensure, if needed, that no third parties are aware of your final destination, the Executive Retreat. Unlike many treatment centers, we will not advertise names of previous guests, even if famous to the public eye. Our sole mission is to improve the life quality of our guests which our privacy policy ensures.

Please contact the reservation office for any special arrangements that you may need. We will ensure that your stay at the Executive Retreat meets all your needs, and exceed your expectations.

Please remember that changing one’s life should not be a punishment, but a pleasant experience. A retreat is designed for the guest to find peace. Every detail of our retreats is carefully examined to make sure you have every opportunity to learn the Saint Jude Program method and find exactly what you are looking for. After twenty years of running retreat houses and conducting research, our guests know when they arrive that they are secure and taken care of.