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Many CEO’s and other Executives are Tired of Rehabs

Many CEO’s and other Executives are Tired of Rehabs

They Want a New Solution to Addictions

An Effective Solution for CEO’s and Executives with an Addiction – a Non 12 Step Approach

Over the past 28 years I’ve personally talked with tens of thousands of people about addiction; what it is, what it isn’t, and how to get past these habits. In that span, myself and a team of researchers created the first non 12 step approach to these issues. While studying the topic, it became obvious that the vast majority of people we talked with were opposed to the disease theories, and felt rehab and the treatment industry as a whole had become an industry more concerned with insurance reimbursement and getting revenue than they were in actually helping people in need. This is actually quite accurate. You’ve seen the silly ads on TV – a ridiculous mock doctor who couldn’t pass for more than 19 with a stethoscope around his neck, condescendingly telling you, “Addiction is a disease.” Let’s just say, not very convincing.

There was and continues to be a demographic that is more outspoken in their skepticism towards the treatment industry – and that is the business executive and CEO. It’s not happenstance that these individuals see through the cheesy ad campaigns and double speak. This demographic is sharp, and in many cases run companies that produce legitimate products and services, so they can smell a rat from a mile away. They are not easily duped into believing in these powerlessness narratives. It’s not in the nature of a CEO or an executive to feel hopeless and without power. This is not to say we don’t help the executive who is struggling to find their footing. I’ve actually seen some of the most powerful and intelligent captains of industry on the matt wondering how they lost their confidence and wondering how to get back on top.

Let’s start with some facts: Treatment doesn’t work and alcohol and drug habits are not diseases. We here at St. Jude’s have shouted this publically from the rooftops for nearly 3 decades. Today, we know from experience and the years of research we put in to develop The Freedom Model that people struggling with substance use issues can and do most past those habits and become successful once again. Sometimes the executive types find they want to slow down and learn to enjoy life now that they are older and are ready to enter a new stage of life. Others want to get right back into the rat race of corporate life, and rebuild from there. Whichever type you might be, The Freedom Model is an approach that will provide you common sense solutions, and the most comprehensively researched method to move past the construct of addiction ever presented to the public. You can be free; free from the construct of addiction, free from the construct of recovery, free from habits that have left you dissatisfied; and free from an unfulfilling lifestyle. If this sounds like it makes more sense than treatment, that’s because it is sensible, logical and a wonderful way to move past an unhappy time in your life.