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Executive Alcohol Rehab

The St. Jude Retreats Confidential Non 12 Step Executive Retreat for Substance Use Problems caters to CEOs and Executives

Saint Jude Executive Retreat Provides Confidentiality to CEOs and Executives

The St. Jude Retreats Confidential Non 12 Step Executive Retreat for Substance Use Problems caters to CEOs and Executives

There is only one true non 12 step approach for alcohol and other drug issues, and that is the Saint Jude Retreats. This is an important and bold statement, as many programs claim to be non 12 step, and they also claim to be confidential as well. But in this article, I will demonstrate why this cannot be the case in regards to these counterfeit non 12 step approaches.

First of all, to be a true non 12 step approach, the facility cannot accept third party health insurance payments. There is a simple reason for this fact – to be a legitimate non 12 step program, the approach must also be completely non disease based. Being that all health insurance carriers need a disease diagnostic code to reimburse programs, a true non 12 step approach cannot provide this code. 28 years ago, Saint Jude's made the decision that we would not falsely diagnose people with a fictitious disease for extra payments. We felt it to be unethical and we have stuck to our ethics for the entirety of our storied history.

Because we are not involved with insurance companies, or any third parties for that matter, a high level executive or high profile person is able to come without any record of being treated. Remember, a true non 12 step approach is NOT treatment. There is no disease, so therefore there is no treatment for a disease, and no record of treatment. Our approach is based on presenting the research that shows exactly why and how people are able to move past the construct of addiction. We concentrate on the facts, the valid research, and our years of experience helping thousands through their struggles.

In our upcoming book, The Freedom Model: Learn How to Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap, and Overcome Addiction for Good, we explain the details of our 28 years of research. This text will replace our current program, the St. Jude Program, making better use of all our research and staff training. We look forward to this continuation of our fine tuning of the only true non 12 step approach.

This we know: the executive or CEO type wants the research, wants to become free from addiction, wants the process to be confidential and private, while also having the amenities they are used to having. That is what the Executive Retreat provides, and more.