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Executive Alcohol Treatment

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Saint Jude's offers the most successful alternative to Executive Alcohol Treament

Alcohol Treatment for Executives

Seeking help for an alcohol use problem can be difficult and embarrassing for anyone. For the adult professional, it can also be a frightening prospect. Being diagnosed with the imaginary disease called alcoholism can irreversibly damage your reputation and your career. Attending an alcohol treatment program, even one offered at an executive alcohol treatment facility leaves a permanent record of your diagnosis and your treatment.

Since 1992, the St. Jude Retreats have been offering an effective non-treatment alternative to executive alcohol treatment. Our proprietary cognitive behavioral education provides our guests the most up-to-date accurate information available today to help them overcome their substance use problems. Executive alcohol treatment programs are often demeaning and unpleasant. They employ punitive methods and relegate people to a lifetime of relapse and struggle by teaching they have a progressive, incurable disease called alcoholism. St. Jude’s provides no such harmful, inaccurate information and instead helps our guests realize and harness their innate power of choice.

Your personal struggles with alcohol are no one’s business but your own. Even those executive alcohol treatment programs that promise complete privacy and confidentiality must keep medical records that are available to the government, insurance companies and even prospective future employers. St. Jude’s has developed a non-medical, non-treatment program, and as such makes no diagnosis and keeps no medical records, making your stay here truly confidential.


Getting help for an alcohol problem doesn’t have to mean attending an executive alcohol treatment program. The St. Jude Executive Retreat provides private classes in a comfortable, home-like setting and offers and innovative and effective approach to helping people overcome alcohol problems. Even if you have tried AA meetings and have been to multiple executive alcohol treatment programs and failed, St. Jude’s can help.
The St. Jude Program is designed to put you back in the driver’s seat of your own life. The St. Jude staff will not judge you or tell you how they feel you should live your life; instead they will guide you through a process of self-driven, neuroplastic change. Each person has the power of choice over their own thoughts and behaviors; St. Jude’s can help you harness that power so you can build the life you want.

Finally there is an effective alternative to executive alcohol treatment; the St. Jude Program offered exclusively at the St. Jude Executive Retreat.