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Saint Jude's offers the most successful alternative to Executive Drug Rehabs

Drug Rehabilitation for Executives

For more than 20 years Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. (BRI) has been studying the efficacy of executive drug rehab programs and executive drug rehab facilities nationwide and found them to be largely ineffective with success rates well below 20%. As all drug rehab programs available are based on the disease theory of addiction, and utilize questionable treatment methods, BRI opened their answer to ineffective drug rehab programs in 1992, and thus the first non-treatment approach to helping people to overcome substance use problems was born. Based on BRI’s on-going research and experience helping thousands of people, the St. Jude Program has evolved into a comprehensive, social-educational program to help people overcome all of their problems. As it is the only program that puts the innate power of choice back in the hands of each individual, it is the most effective program available today.

The question most people ask is, if the St. Jude Program is so effective why don’t executive drug rehabs use it? The answer is simple; behavioral science is like a large ocean liner. Once a belief system is well entrenched as are the addiction disease theory and control model methods used at drug rehabs throughout the country, all research is done with the sole purpose of keeping the ocean liner on course. Any research that produces results that may throw the ocean liner off its charted course is discarded as being dangerous, erroneous or quackery. Anyone who has been on a cruise knows that turning a large ocean vessel around, especially one with a full head of steam, takes much time and an enormous amount of preparation and work. This is much the same for the well-entrenched addiction disease paradigm and control model drug treatment methods utilized at all drug rehab programs nationwide.


Executive drug rehabs based on the addiction disease belief system have created a culture of powerlessness throughout the country, and this belief system is ever-growing expanding to other cultures around the world. Wherein the addiction disease was once limited to the behaviors of ingesting alcohol or drugs, and was thought to be caused by biological reactions to ingesting substances, there is now no limit to behaviors that professionals say can become addicting. From gambling, to eating, to playing video games, sex and shopping, to viewing pornography, hoarding or using lip balm; virtually no behavior is immune. This has allowed for the vast expansion of the drug rehab industry and has spurred a pharmaceutical industry boom like no other in history.

Despite the ever-expanding culture of powerlessness that has gripped our culture and is encroaching on our lives, the truth still shines like a beacon. Everyday throughout our country and throughout the world, people overcome enormous, seemingly insurmountable obstacles to transform their lives. While some are stuck in the revolving door of drug rehab programs, learning and accepting they are powerless and diseased for life; there are thousands more who are told or already know they do have the power of choice, and they mature out of substance use problems to lead happy, successful lives.