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Executive Drug Treatment

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Saint Jude's offers the most successful alternative to Drug Executive Treatment Centers

Drug Treatment for Executives

When picturing someone struggling with a serious drug problem, many people envision a homeless person, a teenager or a young adult. They do not picture an adult professional who may have achieved success in many areas of life. Executive drug treatment utilizes a medical and punitive approach to substance use problems. Group therapy and addiction counseling can be degrading and depressing to all people, but can be especially harmful to those who have been successful in life.

When seeking help for a drug problem, adult professionals and those who are in higher profile professions often feel have nowhere to turn. Executive drug treatment programs offer a one-size-fits-all treatment modality based on the out-dated and disproven disease model of addiction. Success rates for these programs range from 5 – 20%, and success is promised only if you continue to attend daily group meetings. Many professionals are told they must put their careers, their families and essentially their entire lives on hold indefinitely so they can focus all their energies on staying clean ‘one day at a time.’ This is both unnecessary and harmful. As these otherwise successful individuals essentially throw out the most successful areas of their lives in an effort to fix one or two problematic areas, they can become depressed, anxiety-ridden and overwhelmed. The St. Jude Executive Program offered exclusively at the St. Jude Executive Retreat provides a comprehensive guide to self-driven, neuroplastic change. There is no need to give up what is successful in your life; instead you can use it as a spring board to improve on those areas of life you would like to change.

For the adult professional, attending a residential program is a large investment of time and money, and it can potentially harm your reputation and your career. St. Jude’s guarantees your complete privacy and because it is not an executive drug treatment center, but rather a beautiful bed-and-breakfast offering an educational program, there are no incriminating medical records and no potentially damaging labels.


While offering ineffective and sometimes harmful and demeaning treatment, many executive drug treatment programs also exploit their high profile guests for their own gain. The St. Jude Retreats is the only program that guarantees the confidentiality of all our guests. Executive drug treatment programs tell people they have a progressive, incurable disease called addiction, and then treat them like they are children and criminals. The St. Jude Program teaches people how to harness their innate power of choice to overcome their problems and build the life they want.

For those seeking an executive drug treatment program the St. Jude Executive Retreat offers an effective alternative to residential drug treatment. Whether facing a loss of family, career, legal problems, or you are simply looking for a more fulfilling life, the St. Jude Executive Program can help.