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Do Executives Learn to Overcome Depression and Anxiety While
Attending Your Non 12 Step Retreats?

The Short Answer is….Yes, Yes They do

Do Executives Learn to Overcome Depression and Anxiety While Attending Your Non 12 Step Retreats?

Once you know that drinking alcohol or taking drugs habitually is just that, a habit, then the next logical epiphany we see people have is that they realize their depression and anxiety are habits as well. I know, that is a big statement. But it’s true. Furthermore, should our guest understand that habits are self created and constructs of the mind and how we view our lives, then they are able to change their habits for the better. That’s when progress really takes off.

At the St. Jude Executive Retreat, we meet a lot of high profile, successful people. They are usually on a rough road, but were at one time very successful and well adjusted. But then life began a slow roll down a tougher path. For many this means more substance use and drinking, anti-depression meds, benzodiazepines to attempt to control anxiety and panic, and a general feeling of losing their footing. For some it is a feeling of “being stuck,” not knowing what is next. We hear that one a lot! For others, they have achieved so much that they were finally able to relax. They sat in their easy chair, and slowly descended into a pattern of drinking or drugging out of sheer boredom. Achievers are not very good at a life of leisure it seems.

And so we work on these things with them. We abandoned the entire 12 step model many years ago when we created the first and only true non 12 step approach. When we advertised this new model to the public, we were astounded how many of you were searching for an approach that was counter to the learned hopelessness you receive from the 12 step “support system.” The rejection of that model has been an ever increasing phenomenon, and we hear our high end executive types praise or straight forward approach that counters the disease model of addiction. Drinking and drugging are choices after all. And choices can change.

Depression and anxiety are products of the mind – they are a way of perceiving our place in the world. Because a mind – a person – is able to see the world in any way they want, they can choose to be happy or depressed or anxious, or any combination thereof. Once this freedom to think differently and adapt mentally to your situations and natural pressures of life occurs, our guests find a freedom they never thought possible. Freedom from depression, freedom from anxiety, freedom from feeling addicted, freedom from fear of substances, freedom from being coerced into a certain manner of substance use, freedom to choose all of these things for themselves.

That is what the St. Jude Executive Retreat offers – True Freedom.