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Long Term Executive Alcohol Treatment Alternative

Executive Long Term Alcohol Treatment and Drug Treatment Alternative

Continuing Education and Personal Review Enhancement Program

The Saint Jude Extended Program

Long Term Drug Treatment Alternative

As they complete the St. Jude Program most guests feel ready and excited to move on with their lives and implement the plans they have made while in the program. There are, however, some guests who may not feel as confident or feel they have additional work they would like to complete before returning home.

It is for these guests that Continuing Education (CE) and the Personal Review Enhancement Program (PREP) were created.

Continuing Education provides 2 – 4 additional weeks of curriculum. The Continuing Education curriculum is tailored to address the specific needs of the individual and can include additional time for detailed goal setting and life planning.

These are just a few areas Saint Jude guests may want to complete additional work:

  • Overcoming emotional problems
  • Solving relationship difficulties
  • Exploring career and educational options
  • Exploring new hobbies
  • Securing volunteer opportunities
  • Building positive friendships or finding positive peer groups
  • Relocating and/or finding housing
  • Financial planning
  • Building positive habits and thought patterns
  • Overcoming fears or phobias
  • Building more self-confidence

PREP is usually combined with 1 - 3 weeks of CE and is an intensive week-long program designed to give the guest a jumpstart on their academic and/or career goals while still at the executive retreat house. Guests in PREP work one-on-one with a career and academic advisor throughout the week to prepare resumes, make contacts with prospective employers and set up interviews, apply to colleges or graduate programs, etc.

The St. Jude Program, CE and PREP can be combined to provide the guest with a comprehensive 10-week program.