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Short Stay, Non 12 Step Executive Rehab for Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction

Short Stay, Non 12 Step Executive Rehab for Cocaine and Alcohol Addiction

Saint Jude Executive Retreat Provides an Accelerated Program

Luxury and Private Non 12 Step Alternative to Alcohol Rehab for CEO's

Most executives don't have time to go away to rehab for months on end. The damage to their careers as a result of their alcohol and/or drug use, usually has put them in a poor position to take months off to attend treatment. At the St. Jude Executive Retreat we hear this same frustration from executives from all over the country. We also know most executives or CEO types have little regard for the 12 step model. The most common statement we hear is, "The 12 steps just did not resonate with me." To address both the time issue and the desire for a non 12 step model, the St. Jude Retreats offers the only secular, non-12 step, accelerated program in existence.

When we created the non 12 step model more than 28 years ago, we determined that there were people who wanted a common sense method to overcome substance use issues, as well as anxiety issues and depression. At that time there were no non 12 step programs in existence. As a research organization, St. Jude's spearheaded the creation of the first alternative to the 12 steps, and the non 12 step model was born.

Over the last couple decades, we perfected the model, as others in the field went in the opposite direction by mixing the 12 steps with a non 12 step model. This, of course, has resulted in many programs containing just a watered down version of what St. Jude's created decades prior. While these facilities went backwards, we at St. Jude's continued to fine tune our processes and moved forward on making sure we remained completely non 12 step. We have consistently improved the common sense, non disease based methodology. We also listened to our guests and created the accelerated version of our programs for those guests that were highly motivated and needed to get back to work as soon as possible. We also allowed our guests to continue to work as they completed the program. As such our executive retreat is fully WIFI capable, and our guests keep their cell phones and laptops and tablets so they can stay committed to their careers and families if they want or need to.

Lastly, other programs will try to overwhelm the client with all kinds of add on attractions that are more akin to a high profile vacation. And while much of that is fun, there needs to be a balance created in the program where learning occurs, a curriculum is effective, and the person is comfortable and able to stay in touch with the world. After helping people with the original and only true non 12 step, non disease based methods, we know how to achieve that balance.