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The Saint Jude Program

The Alternative To Conventional Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Executive Alcohol Treatment Program

The St. Jude Program is a social-educational, non-12-step, non-treatment model for helping people overcome substance use problems, more commonly referred to as “addictions.” The St. Jude Program is the only program that continuously evolves based on ongoing research. The St. Jude Program is also the only program that measures long term post program results through an independent research organization.

View their findings, Abstinence-Based Success Rate Studies

For more than 20 years the St. Jude Program has helped thousands find solutions to their substance use problems as well as other emotional and behavioral problems that sometimes accompany substance use. St. Jude’s unique approach is not morally driven and does not seek to control thoughts and behaviors like that of 12 Step and disease based treatment. No judgments are made; instead guests at St. Jude’s are guided through a process designed to help them identify areas of their lives they would like to change; then the program provides concrete methods to achieve those desired changes.

Non Treatment Program Methodology and Phases

The Saint Jude Program at the Executive Retreat is divided into 3 distinct phases. (The Program is taught exclusively one-on-one)



The first phase of the program outlines an alternative and far more accurate depiction of the substance use problem; dispelling the addiction disease myth and providing an explanation for the problem based on science and research, not on emotion and speculation. This is an empowering process as each guest learns they are not powerless and not suffering from an incurable disease, but instead have developed habitual ways of thinking and behaviors that can keep them from achieving their goals and a happier, more fulfilling life. Guests learn they do have the power and ability to make lasting lifestyle changes; and they can start those changes immediately.

Modifying Behavioral Patterns

The second phase of the program is designed to help each guest identify ineffective and harmful thought and behavior patterns, as well as those areas of their life they would like to change. Addiction counseling and therapy is coercive and controlling by its nature. Its primary purpose is to manipulate people into behaving the way the counselor or therapist thinks they should behave, while at the same time providing reasons why the individual may still be struggling. The St. Jude process uses no such manipulation or coercion; nor does it provide excuses for continued failure that mental health labels and psychoanalysis can provide. St. Jude’s Cognitive Behavioral Educators guide each person through an enlightening process of self discovery and self awareness. During the St. Jude Program guests truly gain an understanding of who they are and why they behave the way they do. As they begin to see clearly how they arrived at their current place in life, it becomes much clearer the changes they need to make to build the life they want.

Building an Individual Plan to Success

During the third phase of the St. Jude Program, guests make a plan for their future. Making lasting changes of well entrenched thought and behavior patterns requires a conscious effort, a commitment and a solid plan. All people have the power to become the person they want to be. The St. Jude Program provides the inspiration, knowledge and guidance to help individuals bring their thoughts and behaviors back in line with their goals.

By teaching our guests the truth about addiction, helping them to overcome their counterproductive thought patterns and habits, ineffective coping strategies and behavior problems, and then helping them to create a concrete plan for a successful and fulfilling future; St. Jude Program graduates are able to take control of their lives and become the happy, productive, successful people they truly want to be.

For those individuals seeking a longer program, or simply desiring more time to change their life, we offer the St. Jude's Long Term Extended Program. Learn More Here >>