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Saint Jude Executive Retreat Staff

Everyone currently involved with the Saint Jude Executive Retreat has shown a depth of dedication that has allowed the Program to help thousands of guests who come through our doors suffering from substance abuse problems. Through years of experience and resolve the staff and volunteers of the Saint Jude Retreats and Continuing Education Programs have provided a solution to everyone who has come to the Retreats looking for help. All of us here at The St. Jude Retreats encourage you to e-mail us with any questions about The St. Jude Retreats, or our personal experience with the Saint Jude Program.


  • Mark Scheeren

    Mark W. Scheeren, Chairman

    Mr. Scheeren is the Chairman and co-founder of Baldwin Research Institute, Inc., the alcohol and drug research company that is the original creator of the non disease, non 12-step model of alcohol and drug education. For over two decades Mr. Scheeren has researched hundreds of different methods, facilities, and cultures worldwide in an effort to discover the many keys to improving the quality of one's life. Out of this research, the most effective residential program in the world was created in 1992: the St. Jude Program.

    The St. Jude Program is the only method based on a culmination of neuroscience, social/educational processes, and common sense. This most recent edition (12th), with 11 new chapters and 50 pages of additional appendices and references, is the most comprehensive "addiction" program ever created. As a researcher who spent much of his professional life helping people, Mr. Scheeren became well known for his dedication and is well respected in the substance use education industry. No other researcher (with the exception of Mr. Gerald Brown, the other co-founder of Baldwin Research Institute Inc.) has ever spent 10 years living on-site with their study subjects and then another 10 years defining, studying and redefining programs that provide real solutions for substance use problems.

    The residential St. Jude Program taught at St. Jude Retreats has revolutionized the entire treatment industry and is the driving force behind the rejection of the 12-step movement in the substance use treatment industry. Mr. Scheeren has taken his experiences of teaching and conducting research and used that knowledge to continuously fine tune the already proven success of the St. Jude approach. This 12th Edition is the culmination of tens of thousands of research hours, and has already changed thousands of lives over the past 2 decades.

  • Gerald Brown

    Gerald J. Brown, Co-Founder

    Mr. Brown is Co Founder of the Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. Throughout his entire career Mr. Brown has been a researcher, whether it was with General Electric Co., or with one of the several privately owned and publicly traded companies. Mr. Brown has served as chairman of several national computer conferences. He served on the Mathematics and Science Advisory Board of Schenectady County Community College and the Diocese of Albany Substance Abuse Task Force. Mr. Brown has an interest in tournament tennis, scuba diving, running, mountain climbing and racquet ball. Mr. Brown lives in Florida, NY. He has four children and four grandchildren.

  • Erick Pica

    Eric Pica Assistant Director

    Eric Pica is the Assistant Director at the Saint Jude Executive Retreat and has been with the company since October of 2006. He is married to his high school sweetheart and they have a beautiful daughter together. Eric is originally from the Bronx, NY and a huge Yankees fan. He doesn't miss a game on the TV or radio.

    "The Saint Jude Program is a great program; I use it in my everyday life. It's such a pleasure to be involved in a program where you know that is changing people's lives for the better."

  • Rit Santelli

    Richard Santelli, Career and Academic Advisor

    Mr. Santelli is the Career and Academic Advisor at the Saint Jude Retreats. He has been with the company since April 2004.. Mr. Santelli was a Principal at Johnstown High School and Superintendent at Wheelerville Central School District. Mr. Santelli holds a Master in Science of Education Administration from SUNY Albany and a Master in Science of Education from the College of Saint Rose. He is also a New York State Certified Teacher, School Administrator Supervisor, and School District Administrator, also a Veteran of the United States Army.

    "I was thoroughly impressed by the social/educational program that the Saint Jude Program professes. Making the correct choices and living according to the principles that the program proclaims can indeed bring about happiness to anyone. I found that this program is not solely about sobriety, but about how to be happy. In this, I have learned as much from the students as they have from me. Though I have never struggled with addiction personally, my life has had its share of depressing, anxiety provoking times. This program has actually helped me greatly in my quest for happiness."

  • Lynn Viscosi

    Lynn Viscosi LMT, Massage Therapist

    Lynn has been helping guests at the Saint Jude Retreats for over 5 years now.

    "Massage is one of the best ways to relive stress and tension, or to simply to stimulate tired muscles, increase circulation and bring relaxation"

  • Dave Pangburn

    Dave Pangburn Head Chef

    Mr. Pangburn is the Executive Chef at the Saint Jude Executive Retreat. He has been with the company since 2006 and he has been in his current position since May 2008. Previously, he was Head Chef, Assistant Director and Director of the Saint Jude Twin Rivers Retreat.

    "It is great to work for a company that values the guest and the mission so greatly. I truly believe that the Saint Jude Program is the best for anybody looking to better themselves. Personally getting to know and share stories with the guests and seeing many people leave with great hope is the best part of working here. I have benefited as much from the guest as they have from me."

  • Mary Kathryn

    Mary Kathryn Swart, House Keeper

    Ms. Swart has been the Executive Retreat Housekeeper/Concierge since 2008.

    " I enjoy taking care of our guest's during their stay. I love being part of people's lives in such a positive way. The St Jude Program has truly enriched my life and I hope to continue to be a part of this for a long time to come."