An Effective Solution for CEOs and Executives with an Addiction– A Non-12 Step Approach

A Non-12 Step Approach for CEOs and Executives

Over the past 3 decades of helping CEOs and other executives build solutions for their addiction issues, we've seen some patterns develop. Here are the common statements we hear from both CEOs and high profile people in industry and the public eye:

"I was not willing to go to AA anymore. It just didn't resonate with me."

"I don't want to be treated like a child at rehab. It's embarrassing enough that I let this problem get out of hand. So I don't want to pay someone to shame me into abstinence."

"Although I know my life has been falling apart, and I want a really nice facility to go to, I don't want a vacation. The last rehab I went to was a vacation, not a place where I received the help I needed. I hope this experience is different. I'm in real trouble, and need a solution."

"Can I get some work done while I'm at Saint Jude's? I cannot be out of contact with my career. I need to remain vocal in my company."

All of these statements convey a similar theme. The potential guest wants a solution, wants respect and dignity, and wants a non-12 Step solution that makes logical sense. When the Saint Jude Retreats were founded in the late eighties, the goal was to understand the problem of addiction and create a method that countered the 12 Steps. The original research team knew that Alcoholics Anonymous and its various 12 Step offshoots were highly ineffective, and that the treatment industry held fast to this ineffective methodology. It was time for a change.

Today, Saint Jude's team has perfected the non-12 Step method that they originally created decades ago. This evolution has culminated with The Freedom Model. Our celebrated researchers, Mark Scheeren, Gerald Brown, Steven Slate, and Michelle Dunbar, have taken the methods they perfected at the retreats and placed it into one text and retreat curriculum. It answers all the issues brought up by the people mentioned above and more. The Freedom Model builds a path to self respect, exploring new options, and helps pull the guest out of the rut they may find themselves in. It does this while allowing guests to stay engaged in their work during their stay at our high end retreat. We were the first- and remain the only- true non-12 Step, non-disease based, non-treatment model in existence. This model - The Freedom Model - allows the guest the privilege of moving forward and away from their addictions without the encumbrances of never-ending "recovery", therapies, or 12 Step indoctrination and meetings. Freedom is not a platitude when you are really free.

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