Non-12 Step Executive Program

Should I Choose a 12 Step Executive Program or a Non-12 Step Executive Program

In conventional 12 Step based treatment programs, people are taught they are diseased, powerless, and insane. They are taught, in order to stay sober, they have to rely on God or a "higher power" to remove their shortcomings and have to experience a "spiritual awakening". Recruiting other "alcoholics" or "addicts" to meetings is also another requirement of A.A.'s philosophy to stay clean and sober. These ideas and beliefs are not true and are also harmful to the alcohol/substance abuser.

The Freedom Model is the exact opposite of the AA approach. The Freedom Model provides a definitive path out of the addiction/recovery trap that is promoted in treatment centers all across the globe. The Freedom Model is taught exclusively at the The Freedom Model Executive Retreat and is based on almost 30 years of research.

At The The Freedom Model Executive Retreat, our guests experience, first hand, the amazing results of learning personal responsibility, accountability, empowerment, and ultimately - happiness. We also address why the individual has a preference for heavy use, and then we dispel all the current treatment myths that keep that preference fueled. Our effective, non punitive approach and experienced staff ensures each guest is afforded kindness, respect, and dignity.The guest will obtain a complete understanding of their alcohol and drug problems, a specific solution to those problems, greater personal positive motivation, and how they can achieve a happier existence.

Statistics about Conventional 12 Step Treatment Centers

Alcohol and drug rehab centers do not work and are detrimental to the individual. Yes, you heard that right. Rehabs harm people. It is not helpful to ascribe a false disease to someone and also teach them a powerlessness narrative. For more than 30 years, we have said, "Rehabs create addicts and alcoholics; they don't cure them." 45% of the people who attend A.A. meetings never return after their first meeting. 95% never return after their first month. Based on Alcoholics Anonymous World Services' own statistics, A.A. has only a 5% retention rate. The people who leave A.A. look for solutions elsewhere, including conventional alcohol rehab and drug treatment. But, since 97% of all conventional drug and alcohol treatment centers are 12 Step based, these same individuals essentially rejoin A.A.

Success Rate of our Executive Non 12 Step Program - The Freedom Model

The Freedom Model offered at the The Freedom Model Executive Retreat has an Independent Success Rate 12 times higher than conventional Executive 12 Step Programs. As mentioned elsewhere, this Success Rate is measured and verified by a research organization completely independent from The Freedom Model. See their Studies here.

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