Lawyers Want Confidentiality When Looking for a Drug or Alcohol Rehab

No Record of Being Treated- We Are Not Treatment

The Freedom Model at the Saint Jude Executive Retreat is a non-12 Step approach – we created the non-12 Step revolution when we rejected the disease model in the mid nineties and developed our own model. Today, we offer The Freedom Model at all of our retreats. This is a completely non-12 Step, non-disease based, non-treatment model. So, what does that mean and why would a lawyer or other professional care about this approach to drug and/or alcohol problems?

First off, the Saint Jude Retreats is completely confidential, with no record of being treated – because we are not treatment. Let that sink in for a moment. The Freedom Model upends the addiction and recovery constructs, and this allows our model to need no records or medical notes to be taken during your stay with us. If you happen to need detoxification for withdrawal, that medical process is completed prior to your stay at one of our retreats. During your stay, we don't "treat you for a disease", because there is no disease to treat. Addiction is not a disease, nor is addiction a disorder, rather, it's a self-created habit and a mental construct based on certain cultural ideas and myths. An example of one myth that we shed light upon is the idea that a person uses substances beyond their own will. Another myth we dispel is the idea that drugs have human-like powers - that they are "against you" in some magical way. These are cultural constructs that we deconstruct, one fact at a time, so people understand that they are truly in control. They are free - hence The Freedom Model. Lawyers, and others in industry, education, or any professional life for that matter, understand this. They embrace the empowering idea that they can change, based on self-evident facts, common sense, and the principles of self respect, responsibility, and valid research.

We also upend the "recovery" concept as well. We cannot tell you how many thousands have told us through the years that they abhor the idea that they may need to go to 12 Step meetings for the rest of their lives. Well, here's some good news – "recovery" is just another treatment mode that keeps you tied to your failed past, and is totally unnecessary in The Freedom Model. We would never advocate any method or philosophy that keeps you entangled in an addiction mentality, including the ideas that you must hide from triggers, stress, or any of the difficult aspects of life. All the aforementioned things are a natural part of living, and so we dispel the idea that you are somehow too weak to deal with life in its natural state of flux and challenge. For goodness sake, how many lawyers or professional men and women can keep their careers if they need to avoid all stress and see this stress as triggering them to use substances?! Stress is normal. Let me repeat that…stress is normal. No state of recovery can fully hide you from this reality. So we will show you, through The Freedom Model, that you can live just as normally as any other successful living being – and maybe more so.

These professionals and CEOs enjoy their stay at the Executive Retreat for the amenities it offers as well. It's a high-end, private, confidential retreat. Housing only six people at any given time, you will enjoy your stay too, as our competent Freedom Model Certified Staff helps you rebuild your life. We look forward to hearing from you.

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