The St. Jude Executive Retreat -The Only True Non 12-Step Approach in the World

When We Say It, We Mean It

For more than 28 years, we have heard dozens of executive rehabs exclaim how they are "the best treatment center", the "most comprehensive treatment center", the "most experienced rehab program", et cetera. But, if everyone is saying they are the best, and they are all saying the same thing, then, logically, they cannot be any of those things. What they are is "the same": the same ineffective model that has languished for seventy years now. Yes, the rehab industry is filled with complex and scientific sounding rhetoric, but, behind all these new "technologies", are the same warmed over 12 Step and therapy models that have been proven to be ineffective for decades.

The Saint Jude Retreats doesn't help people by using generic platitudes or complex sounding rhetoric. We never claim to be the best treatment center – because we are not treatment. Treatment implies disease, and, since the disease of addiction is a made up concept, an unfounded decades-old theory, we don't push the myth like every other executive program does. Let us be clear here – any executive rehab that tries to play to your vulnerabilities by falsely diseasing you, is a facility to avoid. The disease concept was created to gain health insurance reimbursement, not because a disease actually exists.

Are you tired of AA meetings? Do you reject the notion that you are forever "sick". Are you dismayed by the labels you've been handed by AA or treatment programs – "alcoholic" or "addict"? Do you find these labels degrading and unnecessary? We reject those labels too. You're not an "alcoholic" or an "addict", rather you're a person with habits that have resulted in certain costs and consequences that are painful and, in some cases, depressing. At Saint Jude's, we see you as a person, a professional, an individual who is trying to sort out a difficult period in their life. This approach works. We've helped thousands make the transition to a new stage in life.

We are not the best treatment program, but we are the best program. Saint Jude's is the only approach to have had two separate independent research companies track the success rates post-program. That takes confidence and makes us the only approach to have independently verified abstinence rate results. Again, no treatment platitudes here.

So, if you are looking for an approach that is a nonjudgmental, cognitive behaviorally based method that rejects the disease of addiction mythology and gets right down to the facts of how to rebuild a life, then the Saint Jude Executive Retreat is what you are looking for. We were the first facility that allowed executives and CEOs to keep their cell phones, tablets, and laptops when they attended the retreat so they could continue to work and keep touch with family and friends. We saw no reason to treat adults like children or criminals, like other programs do. We trust you, and that trust is given back to us by our guests. It's called mutual respect and dignity. You are called guests, not patients, or clients. Our philosophy is simple: it's our job to serve our guests and we hope to help you find the solution to your struggles and get you "unstuck."

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