Police Officers Want Confidentiality and Ultimate Privacy When
Attending a Drug or Alcohol Rehab- Their Careers Depend on It

Saint Jude Retreat Allows Police Officers to Get Help While Preventing Exposure

The Saint Jude Executive Retreat is a non-12 Step approach – we created the non-12 Step revolution when we rejected the disease model in the mid nineties and developed our own model. We were the first to move in this direction away from treatment. Today, we offer The Freedom Model at all of our retreats. This is a completely non-disease based, non-12 Step, non-treatment model. So, what does that mean, and why would a police officer care about this approach to address drug and/or alcohol problems?

First off, with no record of being treated - because we are not treatment - you can be rest assured there will be no documentation that can come back to cause issues with your chosen career in law enforcement. Let that sink in for a moment. Our model, The Freedom Model, upends the addiction and recovery constructs, and this allows us not to produce medical records or notes during your stay with us. Our Executive Retreat is structured and regulated as a high end bed and breakfast where you learn to rebuild your life. If you happen to need detoxification for withdrawal, that medical process is completed prior to your stay at one of our retreats. During your stay, we don't "treat you for a disease" because there is no disease to treat. It is important to note that addiction is not a disease or a disorder. It's a habit that is completely changeable. You can adapt your trajectory in life to exactly what direction you see fit. Addiction is merely a mental construct based on certain cultural ideas and myths that have been repeated in our western culture for decades now. At our retreats, we dispel the addiction myths and empower you to move past your feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness. The best part is, you can end all of this and never attend one AA meeting or NA meeting now or ever! You can simply move past all of that! We have found that police officers embrace the empowering idea that they can change based on common sense, self respect, personal accountability, and research methods.

We also challenge the validity of the "recovery" concept as well. Thousands of professional men and women have told us, through the decades, that they hate the idea that they must attend 12 Step meetings for the rest of their lives. Well, you don't have to attend these meetings after your stay with us because "recovery" is just another treatment mode that keeps you tied to your "addictions" and is totally rejected in The Freedom Model. Even the idea that you must hide from people, places, and things that remind you of using or drinking is not promoted here. We don't fear substances! We know you are capable of moving past a habit. We've helped thousands bridge that gap.

Even stress is not seen as a "trigger" in our model. Besides, how is a police officer expected to avoid all stress in their lives? This is completely unrealistic. But, that is what treatment creates – unrealistic expectations that keep you mired and dependent on treatment itself. We don't promote fear at our retreats as a means to "keep you coming back", as so many treatment centers do. We accept that stress and trauma are parts of normal life that need to be addressed and handled for the reality that they exist - and will continue to exist - in a productive professional lifestyle, such as yours. We dispel the idea that you are somehow too weak to deal with life in its natural state of flux and challenge. No form of "recovery" can protect you from a world of uncertainty – it's just not possible. So, instead, we build upon human strengths of free will, choice, and your ability to think and problem solve effectively, all while rejecting the treatment mantras of weakness, disease, and the perpetual need for support.

Police officers and other professionals enjoy their stay at the Executive Retreat because the amenities are wonderful and provide a comfortable learning environment and retreat experience. In short, it's a high-end, private, confidential retreat. It houses only six people at a time, and you will enjoy your stay as our competent Freedom Model Certified Staff helps you to rebuild your life and help with your unique circumstances. We look forward to helping you.

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