A True Confidential and Private Program -No Record of Being Treated!

Saint Jude's Privacy Policy

Many facilities claim that their guests have 100% confidentiality and privacy. However, this is not true. Any 12-Step, therapeutic, psychiatrically, or medically based program must, by law, keep records of your stay at their facility. This is because these facilities run on government funding and/or third-party insurance and are based in the erroneous disease model. Even when a patient chooses to pay out of pocket at one of these facilities, a record is kept in the same databases as those who paid with insurance or a government social services grant. In other words, no rehabilitation program is truly confidential and/or subpoena proof.

At the Saint Jude Retreat, there are no medical records kept because we implement a true non-12 step, non-disease based model and an educational approach, not a pseudo-medical model. The Freedom Model does not tell you how to live or behave as do confrontational disease-based treatment programs. Rather, we instruct people on methods of self-change, research that debunks the disease of addiction model, and provides all the information you will need to move past the shackles of the endless addiction/recovery cycle. We educate our guests and then they have the freedom to make their own choices based on the facts and a logical non-disease, non 12 Step approach. The authors and research team at Saint Jude's created the first non 12 Step method in the world, and have taken that model even further in The Freedom Model Program. Mr. Mark Scheeren, co-founder of St. Jude’s coined the phrase “non-12 step” in 1989 and the addiction-help industry has been provided an alternative for those not willing to go down the powerlessness path. Know this, you will be provided a course that is not available anywhere else – only the Saint Jude Retreat has an exclusive license to offer The Freedom Model.

Our facility is regulated by the NYS Health Department, and the NYS Attorney General's Charities Bureau. All our facilities are divisions of Baldwin Research Institute, Inc., a NYS not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, putting our retreat house financials under the auspices of the Charities Bureau. None of these regulatory agencies require guest information, and therefore no guest information is kept.

If a guest's stay is paid for with a personal credit card, the credit card information is kept only for the processing time needed for the transaction in compliance with PCI requirements. The credit card information is not stored internally or saved in any way other than with our gateway processor - First Data.

Research Confidentiality

Clearwater Research Inc., a completely independent research firm, conducts our Guest Post-Program Survey. If a guest decides to become part of the retreat house success rate surveys, their partial contact information is kept in a separate secured database for research purposes only. A first name is entered in the database and is assigned an identification number, thereby assuring confidentiality.

Over 99% of our guests over the years have chosen to participate in the surveys. The Saint Jude Retreat has never experienced a security breach of this data.

The Saint Jude Retreat does not provide any medical services. Should a guest want or need detoxification services, they should consult their own doctor and go to the local hospital or a private clinic of their choosing. We can help you with this process. You can call us at 888-424-2626 for more detox information. Guests who may want or need psychiatric help can get help by requesting an appointment with any one of several local credentialed psychiatrists we work within close proximity of the retreat. If a guest needs medical attention for any reason, they are provided with whatever help they may require at local hospitals and doctor's offices. Arrangements and transportation to the appropriate facility and/or specialist are provided. This enables the guest to receive the proper care while maintaining total confidentiality and privacy while attending Saint Jude Retreat.

High Profile Guests

With its small size and isolated rural setting, the Saint Jude Retreat goes relatively unnoticed by the public making it ideal for those seeking complete privacy and confidentiality. The Saint Jude Retreat has occupancy for just 6 guests and caters to an exclusive clientele. Individualized one-on-one instruction with the Freedom Model developers, personalized amenities, and the highest independently verified success rate in the industry are compelling reasons why people from all walks of life choose The Freedom Model at Saint Jude Retreat.

While the Saint Jude Retreat is isolated enough for our high profile guests, we've also made it affordable for those who may not be high profile, but who want a secluded and comfortable setting in which to learn how to become a happier, more productive individual. The Saint Jude Retreat sits on a remote, beautiful countryside acreage which makes it possible for even the most fearful, stressed, and highest profile guests to feel the peace that only nature can provide.

The Freedom Model offers the highest independently verified success rate, total confidentiality, individualized instruction, tiered amenities and pricing, and 24/7 staffing in a safe environment. These are just some of the reasons that people have gravitated to Saint Jude Retreat instead of treatment and rehab centers for more than thirty years now. The St. Jude Retreat offers each guest the absolute best educational substance use approach in the country, the revolutionary Freedom Model. At the Retreat, there may be a man searching for answers to mid-life struggles, a fifty-year-old corporate woman looking for more satisfaction in her life, or a high profile person desperate to reconnect to grounded normalcy and inner peace. The Saint Jude Retreat gives higher profile personalities an opportunity to "get away" and still receive the most successful approach ever for solving substance abuse problems. Our privacy policy is yet another way that our model has addressed the age-old problem of how high profile people can find the peace they need so desperately, without the public or press hounding them.

Executives Want a Relaxing Atmosphere

In addition to our now famous Freedom Model method, our entire retreat house atmosphere is that of a warm country home, not a cold institutional medical facility. Everyone learns best when they are comfortable. Every attempt has been made to make Saint Jude Retreat as informal and comfortable as possible. Just take a look at the pictures and videos of our Retreat. This is where real, effective learning for how to build a stress-free life, free of substance abuse and any other unwanted behavior, can and is accomplished.

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