Luxury and Private Non 12 Step Alternative to Alcohol Rehab for CEOs

Saint Jude Executive Retreat and The Freedom Model are America's Alternative to Treatment

So much of today's treatment industry is centered around marketing keywords to lure people into programs that attempt to sound different than the run of the mill rehabs that are so commonplace. Nowhere is this trend more competitive than in the luxury and private treatment industry. The sad part is that these centers are all the same: all ineffective and harmful to those who attend. The lingo and facilities might look unique and even appetizing, but, in the final analysis, they all have their roots sitting squarely in the old AA paradigm.

28 years ago, I made the personal decision to change the treatment industry. I had just completed a mandated stay (as a result of a DUI charge) in outpatient treatment that lasted more than a year, and I was worse than when I started. The experience was awful, depressing, and honestly, the treatment itself was totally counterintuitive. I experienced being coerced into abstinence by being shamed and told I had an incurable disease that would require 12 Step meetings for the rest of my life. When I asked what other disease was cured by "going to meetings", they lengthened my mandated stay and said I was being noncompliant. I wasn't of course. I was asking a legitimate question. I may not be the smartest guy in every room, but I knew enough to know that cancer patients weren't cured by doing "90 meetings in 90 days."

Once I completed my "treatment", I made an oath to myself that I'd find a better way to help people. Over the span of the following twelve years, I became a drug and alcohol researcher, and together with a team of smart, common sense researchers, we created the first non-12 step alcohol program, non-treatment model in existence. We made it our life's work to provide a true alternative to the treatment model I had endured.

Over the next few decades, the Saint Jude Retreats grew, and the non-12 Step model became a more popular idea. However, the rehabs that began describing themselves as non-12 Step actually 12 Step programs with a new name. It was the same bait and switch routines that have been standard practice in the treatment industry for more than 70 years now. Promise one program, but provide the same "don't drink and go to meetings" instructions.

So what makes Saint Jude's and The Freedom Model so different? EVERYTHING. We never call you an alcoholic or an addict. Why? Because, in reality, you are a person who drinks and/or drugs for very personal and individual reasons. You're not diseased, nor would we label you as such. Why? Because choices, no matter how repetitive and habitual, are chosen behaviors, and chosen behaviors are not diseases. Our facilities cater to different populations. Our Twin Rivers Retreat helps those who may struggle financially and need some assistance, while our Executive Retreat is built to help the busy executive or CEO who does not want to be patronized and insulted by a model that does not make logical sense or isn't based in credible research. People need a solution to their substance use issues that is efficient, and one where they can continue to work if they need or choose to do so - that is The Freedom Model.

If you are a person whose lifestyle is busy, but you feel stuck, troubled, anxious, or depressed and you are using alcohol and/or drugs to a level that is impeding your happiness, then the Saint Jude Executive Retreat may be the common sense alternative you've been looking for without all the downsides of treatment.

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