The Freedom Model

The Only True Alternative to Conventional Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in the World

The Freedom Model is the original social-educational, non-12-Step, non-treatment model for helping people overcome substance use problems, more commonly referred to as addictions. The Freedom Model is the only method that continuously evolves based on ongoing research. The Freedom Model offered at the The Freedom Model is also the only program that measures long-term post-program results through independent research organizations.

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The Freedom Model

For more than a quarter century, The Freedom Model has helped thousands find solutions to their substance use problems, as well as other emotional and behavioral problems that sometimes accompany substance use habits. The Freedom Model's unique approach is not morally driven and does not seek to control other's thoughts and behaviors like 12 Step and disease based treatment. No judgments are made. Instead, guests at The Freedom Model's are guided through a process designed to help them identify areas of their lives they would like to change. The Freedom Model course then provides concrete methods to achieve those desired changes. Through this revolutionary approach, you will unlearn the addiction myths, including the disease of addiction theory and its powerlessness narrative, that keep you trapped, hopeless and stuck.

The Freedom Model – A Non-Treatment Methodology

The Freedom Model at the Executive Retreat - An Exclusive One-on-One Learning Experience


Do you want an addiction - a lifelong diagnosis - or do you want to see yourself as having a habit that you can solve completely? Your answer tells what it is you really want. If you picked moving past the "alcoholic" or "addict" identity, then The Freedom Model and the The Freedom Model Executive Retreat is the right solution for you.

The revolutionary Freedom Model completely dismantles and debunks the addiction and recovery constructs that keep people like you feeling horribly trapped and stuck in a seemingly endless counterproductive cycle. The Freedom Model course sets a definitive path away from these self-limiting beliefs with a method based completely on logic and more than 30 years of research and development. We did not pick the name 'The Freedom Model' as a marketing ploy. We picked it because the entire model is based on letting go of the treatment and recovery trap and becoming truly free from both.

The Freedom Model at the The Freedom Model Executive Retreat is a 4 week course with a certified Freedom Model Presenter who will help you problem solve your issues as you navigate the course curricula. To be clear, you will never be seen or labeled as a diseased and/or disordered individual. Rather, you will be treated and seen as a dignified person, who happens to be stuck and confused, but who is totally capable of positive change if given the correct information and formula with which to do so. We have that non 12 Step formula because The Freedom Model's is the original creator of the non 12 Step model with over 3 decades of experience providing these time-proven solutions.

The Freedom Model

  • The Freedom Model is a 4 week course offered exclusively at the The Freedom Model Executive Retreat.
  • The The Freedom Model have more than 3 decades of non 12 step experience.
  • The Freedom Model provides a path out of the perpetual recovery cycle.
  • The Freedom Model does not judge your levels of usage, rather, we examine the utility and futility of your personal usage patterns, and let you be the judge of them.
  • The Freedom Model is based in logic, common sense, and rigorous research, with no agenda but the following: to be effective, truthful, and helpful.
  • The Freedom Model is an educational experience, not a pseudo-medical offering.
  • The Freedom Model has a single goal – to provide a path to freedom!

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