Is There a Sensible Luxury Non-12 Step Approach for Executives in the US?

We Get Asked Questions Like This All The Time

The vast majority of people who go to rehab rate the event as a failure and a bad experience. Executives, CEOs, and other top performers do not fall prey to the typical "you're powerless to stop using drugs and alcohol" narrative being peddled by treatment centers all across the US today. They want a sensible approach, and one that does not include the 12 Step rhetoric, 12 Step meetings, or endless therapy. They want a solution that makes logical sense, is a pleasant experience, and is effective for the long haul.

28 years ago, two researchers made a decision to change the treatment industry to a model that was more effective. They, too, came from an AA background and found that pessimistic message to be ineffective and counterintuitive. Not people to look at a problem unsolved and walk away, they committed themselves to seek an answer to people's heavy and habitual use of drugs and alcohol. They determined that the only way to truly understand the problem, and the solution to these issues, was to build a retreat and create a new non-12 Step model. That was the foundational work of what today is known as The Freedom Model, the only true alternative to treatment, and its stable mate, recovery. They have achieved what was once seen as impossible – they created a non-treatment alternative to the rehab industry.

There is no way to be a true non-12 Step, non-disease based model and also be treatment. Think about that. Treatment implies there is a disease to treat. As addiction is not a disease, there is nothing to treat. This is not to say that detox is not needed. But, let's be clear here, choosing to poison oneself is not a disease, but may require detoxification.

So the Saint Jude Executive Retreat remains the only true non-12 Step model. The Freedom Model's goal is for the individual to know, unequivocally, that they choose the level of use of substances or their abstinence from them. The Executive Retreat was the first to allow a guest to keep their cell phones and tablets, allowed them to work during their stay, and kept no locked doors. The researchers found no reason that a guest, especially someone who has experience in the business world, should be treated as a criminal or a "less than" at one of the Saint Jude Retreats. We have retreats and options for people from all walks of life and financial scenarios, from those with no money to those who are accustomed to luxury and high-end amenities.

The best part is The Freedom Model is a sensible alternative to the 12 Steps and recovery – it's called freedom from both.

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