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Our Caring Staff

Everyone currently involved with the Saint Jude Executive Retreat has shown a depth of dedication that has allowed our program to help thousands of guests who come through our doors suffering from substance abuse problems. Through years of experience and resolve, the staff and volunteers of Saint Jude Retreats with its exclusive approach, The Freedom Model, have provided a solution to everyone who has come to our Retreats looking for help. All of us here at Saint Jude Retreats encourage you to e-mail us with any questions about Saint Jude Retreats, or your personal experience with The Freedom Model at Saint Jude Retreats.

Review of The Freedom Model

Stanton Peele

"The Authors have created an indispensable guide through the labyrinth of claims about the nature of addiction to explain how this understanding leads to resolution of addiction and to overcoming it. Indeed, their thoroughly grounded scientific exploration of "the meaning of addiction" IS the basis for such personal resolution. To know that your enemy is not only your addiction, but, more importantly, how you think of it, is the key to freedom from addiction. And no volume in the world can put you in a better position for this resolution than The Freedom Model"

Addiction Program Review

Peter Venturelli Ph.D.

"The Saint Jude Retreat is remarkable in that it provides a curriculum specifically designed for self-directed change: The Freedom Model. In going through the educational process, each person gains knowledge and the information necessary to move past the addiction and recovery constructs. Essentially, they are freed from both! They are then able to face any future struggles with confidence, strength, and hope for a better future; no alcohol rehab program is this motivational"

Dr. David Rud Reviews The Freedom Model

Dr. David Rudy

"During much of the past century, there has been a consistent trend to increasingly medicalize behavioral issues. Viewing behaviors, for example heavy drinking and alcoholism, as diseases is a flawed model. Drinking, heavy drinking, and alcoholism are behaviors and their causes are many and diverse. It stands to reason that alcoholism and substance abuse treatment approaches that are based on facts are more likely to provide an environment for success than those that are based on beliefs. The Freedom Model does just that. Through a fact-based approach, the programs educate, motivate, and empower substance users to make choices and decisions that will lead to self and life control."

Joseph G. Vacca, Ph.D. Addiction Program Review

Joseph G. Vacca, Ph.D.

"Finally someone has built a program to help people struggling with addictions, utilizing the latest research and technology available. As scientists have uncovered more and more about how the brain works, Baldwin Research has incorporated that information into a comprehensive program for self improvement. People literally learn how to reinvent themselves and plan for a better future, regardless of their past struggles"

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